Roof repairs

Roofing repairs

R. A. Clough Roofing
Roof repair specialists in North London

Roofing refurbishments

Taking the strain out of roof repairs

Are you looking to put an end to your leaky roof? Does your chimney flashing need repairs? R.A. Clough Roofing are here to help you get your roof up to scratch.
As a proud member of the NFRC with over 30 years providing first class roof repairs in North London, we guarantee we'll return your roof to its former glory.
And with storm damage repair our speciality, whatever havoc winter storms reap on your roof our team of roof repair experts are only a phone call away.
For all your roof repair needs in North London, call us today
020 7288 0138

From slate to flat, we've got your back

Is your roof flat or pitched? Tile or slate? Maybe you're not even sure what's over your head? That's why R.A. Clough offer repairs to a wide array of roof types, including:

• Flat roofs
• Pitched roofs
• Rubber roofing
• Slate roofs
• Felt roofing
• Chimney flashing
Alwitra roofing materials

Single ply roofing

Looking for single ply solutions?

As a registered Alwitra contractor, R.A. Clough are proud to install Evalon synthetic membrane.
With its high percentage of high polymeric solids, Evalon is the first choice for quick installation and long-term reliability when installing a single-ply roof. Call us today or visit the official Evalon website for more information.
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