Roof inspections

Roof inspections

R. A. Clough Roofing
Expert roof inspections in North London

Roofing problems

Need help spotting roof issues early?

Thanks to its location, it's easy to overlook your roof until a major problem such as leaks, drainage issues or mould occurs. But for most people, a roof inspection is not something they want or know how to do on their own.
This means, whether you've just bought a new home or have been living in your property for many years, we recommend regular roof inspections by one of R.A.Clough's trained roof evaluation experts.
We'll expose any potential problems, helping you reduce the risk of a costly roofing emergency.
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What should you expect from a roof inspection?

At R.A. Clough Roofing we care about maintaining the overall health of North London's roofs. That's why all of our roof inspections focus on thoroughly investigating the:
     • Exterior and interior roof structure
     • Surface materials and membranes
     • Attic ceilings and walls
     • Overall ventilation
     • Interior ceilings below your roof space
This allows us to assess the overall condition of your roof before we advise on any maintenance work you may need.
Roof inspector
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